Buy and then Sell for Twice the Price?

first of all you need to know what you are buying and selling. you can not sell stamps if you have no ideea about them. even if there is a 400% profit in that area. also it's hard to get your stuff from ebay and resell it on ebay. you need to think what category of products you can master, start learning even more about that and then start your business. let's say you decide you will sell furniture (old antique furniture). you can check on ebay, see what models sell fast, then try to get some from another source (while monitoring ebay cause maybe something sells really quick and you can get it form there for a low price). sell on ebay what you got from your own town with a profit and then start expanding. maybe there are some products that sell better in the winter than in the summer. buy them cheap in the summer and resell them with a good profit in the winter. to make this short, the antiquities sell very good if the original owner does not know the real value, but you have to be sure you know it so you do not get screwed ... about wholesale prices for games ... make a list of gamehouses and try to negociate with them. they can give you the best possilbe price.

1. Moving to another city , Please answer?

There are plenty of second hand furniture stores that sell cheap furniture. You will definitly find furniture from there. Dont buy second hand matresses. Thats just disgusting. You dont know who has slept on it.

2. can you sound proof a window without having to do the whole wall?

The only thing you could TRY is using Blackout curtains to Reduce the noise coming into the room from that window. Sometimes it does help. gl Some people have even put large screens (wooden room divider type) & furniture in front of them too.

3. Where to go if I want a home built for sound good?

"...for sound good." ??? you meant "for good sound" ? or did you mean a house that produces "good" sounds? "acoustic ability" ?? its ability to "acoust" ? "designed primarily for its acoustic ability" you mean comfort, safety, maintenance, value, convenience, size, attractiveness, view, location are secondary? -- You should find someone to represent you who is a bit more...umm...articulate. -=-=- You may already know that objects in the path of sound waves interfere, distort and diminish the sound. So the "best" sound will never be possible in a comfortable room. The best compromise is a audio room/theater, where all surfaces are carefully chosen to minimize distortion, reflection and absorption. You can also design each room to minimize ill effects but the room design must be evaluated along with the furniture in it. Even if all you have for furniture is wood benches, the problem is they need to be fixed in place for optimum sound fidelity. This is unlikely to be viable in real world homes. -=-=- Find a top (local, preferably) architectural firm which is willing to consult an acoustic architect/engineer. Many commercial spaces (for instance, electronic stores) have used these experts, so they are around. Since you can afford it, make sure to inspect several of their completed projects, and make sure that the individuals taking your project on are the ones who were (mostly) responsible for the buildings you see.

4. Are futons good to sleep on? And if so, where can I buy cheap ones?

Futon frames require futon mattresses for full functionality. Traditional mattresses cannot fold to accommodate the futon in the upright position. If you wanted to leave your futon flat (not like a couch) then you may be able to use your regular mattress if you can find the right size frame. With that being said many futon frames come with a mattress anyway. But futons are often uncomfortable and hard. The frames are usually made of metal or wood slats that you can feel through the mattress and futons are a little small so many people do not like to sleep on them. But if the mattress is uncomfortable for you you could always buy a mattress pad to make it a little better. You can buy inexpensive futons at walmart, target, kmart, or other department stores that sell furniture. I have seen them as cheap as $150 at these places.

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