At Present, Many Enterprises Have Joined the High Nickel 811 Battery, and Some Enterprises Have Even

2018 is considered to be the first year of large-scale application of high nickel 811. According to industry data, in the first quarter of 2018, the domestic output of ternary materials was 31670 tons, a year-on-year increase of 64.26%. Among them, conventional NCM accounts for 78%, ncm622 accounts for 14%, and ncm811 / NCA accounts for 8%. Among them, the output of ncm811 surged sharply.

At present, a number of enterprises have entered the 811. Ningde times and BYD announced that they would launch high nickel 811 batteries in the future. In addition, relevant models supporting high nickel 811 batteries such as Tianjin Lishen and bick have successfully entered the recommended catalogue. GuoXuan hi tech, duofudo and other enterprises have arranged the R & D of high nickel batteries in advance, and some enterprises have even achieved mass production.

Ningde Era

According to foreign media reports, Ningde Times said that the company plans to reduce the demand for cobalt metal next year, but will increase the use of nickel, and announced that it will launch a new ncm811 battery with low content and high energy density for electric vehicles next year. With the introduction of NCM 811 battery, the energy density of the battery increases and the cobalt content per kWh decreases by more than half.

GuoXuan high tech

At present, the main ternary battery products of GuoXuan high tech are the upgraded high nickel ternary battery of ternary 622 and ternary 622. The long-term layout also has the ternary 811 generally favored by the market.

At the beginning of this year, GuoXuan high tech said that the company's undertaking of major science and technology projects with 300wh / kg high energy density of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China is progressing smoothly, and has developed Sanyuan 811 soft pack cell, with an energy density of 302wh / kg. The company has begun to build pilot test lines of relevant products and plans to start building production lines in 2019. By the end of this year, the demonstration construction of Sanyuan soft bag will be completed, and mass production is expected to be realized in 2020.

In terms of cobalt metal, GuoXuan high tech will continue to improve the battery energy density and the proportion of ternary positive nickel content, so as to reduce the consumption of cobalt metal per kWh of battery. After upgrading this year, ternary 622 battery products are mass produced. The ratio of nickel, cobalt and manganese in cathode materials has reached 6.5:1.5:2, and the consumption of metal cobalt per kWh is about 40% of ternary 333 battery.

In addition, GuoXuan high tech said that medium and high-end passenger models with a range of more than 300km will use the company's ternary 622vda battery to develop a new automobile brand directory. In February this year, GuoXuan high tech has determined to provide ternary 622 power battery for the first model developed by Ford and Zhongtai joint venture, with a range of more than 350km.

Tianjin Lishen

In the first half of this year, Tianjin Lishen broke through the research and development technology of positive and negative materials, and the specific energy of cell monomer successfully developed reached 302wh / kg. The 811 route was adopted, the volume energy density was greater than 642wh / L, 710 1C charge discharge cycles (100% DoD) at 25 ℃, and the capacity retention rate reached 80%.

In addition, Tianjin Lishen also said that the relevant models supporting the power ncm811 battery have successfully entered the recommended catalogue, and the models will be on the market soon.

Bick battery

BIC is an early enterprise engaged in the R & D and production of ternary batteries in China. It has developed since 2006. At present, BIC has realized the batch supply of ncm811 power battery and gradually introduced it into new energy passenger vehicle enterprises. It is the first enterprise in China to realize the mass production of high nickel 811 ternary material cylindrical cell.

BIC battery said that the high nickel 811 battery produced by the company has been successfully applied to relevant models of electric vehicles such as JAC, SAIC Maxus, BAIC new energy, Xiaopeng and Yundu, and all models have been shortlisted in the recommended catalogue of new energy.

It is understood that in May this year, BIC's 3.0ah electric cell products were launched, with an energy density of 250wh / kg, helping new energy vehicles achieve ultra long endurance. BIC's ternary material battery no longer has only 18650 cells, and 21700 cells have completed many off-line internal tests. Small batch samples of 4.8ah21700 cylindrical batteries have been started. It is expected to ship in large quantities in the fourth quarter of this year and launch 5.0ah products by the end of the year.

The maximum energy of bike 18650 battery after mass production can reach 3.5ah. In the next step, 21700 battery will be developed. By combining high nickel and silicon carbon, the mass production energy of 21700 battery can reach 6.0ah.


It is revealed that DFT is developing a new generation of high specific energy power battery with ncm811 silicon carbon negative electrode, which is expected to be mass produced in 2018. In addition, Li Yunfeng, chairman of dfdo new energy, revealed that 80% of the company's production capacity will become 811 battery production in 2019.

Yiwei lithium energy

Nickel cobalt manganese 811 batteries were laid out in 2011, mass production was realized in 2012, and mature applications were realized in consumer fields such as e-cigarettes, scooters and electric bicycles. In 2015, he devoted himself to the field of power batteries. At present, there are sample vehicles under test in the field of new energy vehicles. Yiwei lithium energy disclosed that the cylindrical production line will be switched to 811 by the end of this year.

GP energy

811 materials have been used for 2.8ah and 3.0ah cylindrical 18650 batteries, and mass production has been started in August 2017, which has been provided to relevant vehicle manufacturers for testing and certification.

Tianpeng power supply

At present, Tianpeng power has a lithium battery capacity of 3gwh, of which two-thirds can mass produce NCA and 811 high nickel cylindrical batteries, and 2gwh capacity will be expanded by the end of 2018; It is planned to continue to expand 3gwh capacity in 2019, mainly producing high nickel 21700 cylindrical batteries.


With regard to the research and development progress of ternary high nickel 811 battery, BYD said on the interactive platform that it was progressing smoothly and was expected to start application in the second half of 2019. Meanwhile, in terms of the layout of high nickel ternary 811 and NCA applied to new energy vehicles, the existing production line will be used and is expected to be completed within 2 years.


CITIC Guoan said on the interactive platform that the technical route of the company's holding subsidiary mengguli power is mainly lithium manganate and ternary technology, and ternary technology is mainly 532 system, which will transition to 622 and 811 in the future. At present, there are no nickel cobalt aluminum products. In addition, President Liu Zhengyao of mengguli said that at present, the company is carrying out the technical reserve of 811 system and plans to conduct trial production in Tianjin base in the second half of 2018.

Shanshan energy

As early as last March, Shanshan Energy announced that the production line construction of Sanyuan 811 turnkey project with an annual output of 5000 tons was fully started in Shizuishan base, Ningxia, and is expected to be officially put into operation within the year. In October of the same year, Shanshan Energy announced that the construction of a common production line with an annual output of 7200 tons of Sanyuan 622 / 811 turnkey project of Shizuishan base was successful, and has entered the final stage of equipment installation. It was put into trial operation at the end of December 2017 and reached production in March 2018. In addition, Shanshan also said that the company's 7200 ton high nickel ternary production line had been put into operation in the first quarter of 2018.

Dangsheng Technology

Dangsheng technology announced on March 1, 2018 that it plans to add 1.5 billion yuan to the overweight lithium battery project. The funds are intended to be used for "phase III project of Jiangsu dangsheng lithium battery cathode material production base" and "Jiangsu dangsheng lithium battery material technology research center". Among them, Jiangsu phase III project plans to invest 18000 tons of Sanyuan 811 / NCA capacity. Phase III project is expected to reach production in the first half of 2019, connecting power battery 811 and international customer market demand.

Dangsheng technology said that the company has achieved mass production of high nickel 811 cathode materials, and its 811 cathode materials are mainly used for power batteries of new energy vehicles.

Tianli lithium energy

Tianli lithium energy announced that the 811 ternary materials and NCA products developed by the company have entered the pilot test stage and have been submitted for inspection in relevant vehicle enterprises.

Tianjin Co., Ltd

Ncm811 soft pack battery has passed the national compulsory inspection and certification.

Invite excellent power

Ncm811 soft pack battery has passed the national compulsory inspection and certification.

Summary: the rapid growth in the output of new energy vehicles and the rise in cobalt prices have driven the demand for high nickel 811 batteries. It can be seen that major enterprises have arranged high nickel 811 batteries one after another, some enterprises have carried out mass production, and most enterprises are still in technical reserves. Everyone has made great efforts to win a place in the future market.

At Present, Many Enterprises Have Joined the High Nickel 811 Battery, and Some Enterprises Have Even 1

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