As an Indian, What Led You to Form an Opinion on Homosexuality and What Is Your Opinion?

As an Indian, what led you to form an opinion on homosexuality?The fact that they exist.In India, homosexuality is a non-issue. I have known people who have no idea about gays and lesbians. Some of them even have a misconception that gay means Hijda in English. (Hijda means eunuch, intersex or transgender.) I dont know the word for gay in Hindi and as far as I know, there is no word for gay in my mother-tongue. I dont think I would ever get to know about homosexuality if I hadn't watched Hollywood movies and played American video games.

It is just that as a culture we choose to be oblivious to these matters.What is your opinion?It is a reality. It is nature. Since, there exist gays, lesbians, and bisexual people, they should have all the freedom to live a life of dignity and do what makes them happy.It sucks to have your freedom taken away from you.

I am attracted to opposite sex. If people call me abnormal and label me as an abomination for that, I would be quite depressed.So, I dont ever want to get shunned for my natural preferences.With the use of good old empathy, I can assure you that neither do gays and lesbians.

My opinion is let them have the life that makes them happy.EditNow I came to know about the word for gay in Hindi. Thanks to Akanksha Singh ( ). The word is samlaingik (). The word is rarely used, so not many know that it exists

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Why Hasn't Trump congratulated Jacinda Ardern on her election win yet?

He can see the writing on the wall...A moderate, centre/left Government has won an election on the back of a successful, science led victory against COVID - 19.Jacinda Ardern.A battle won on a shoe string budget by a country poorly prepared but strongly led.Jacinda's electoral victory is complete, in large part, due to New Zealand conservatives abandoning their party and voting for Ardern's Labour party.

In the forthcoming US election Trump faces Joe Biden, who - in the 'States - passes for centre/left. (In NZ Biden would be a conservative). Biden is willing to beat Covid by following the dictates of science.Just like Jacinda Ardern.That must be like a jug of ice water poured down Trump's man-girdle, all the way down to his dinky high lift shoes.

Trump must know, deep in that reptilian brain of his, that had he harnessed the riches of the USA he was 'odds on' worldwide favourite to knock Covid - 19 out of the ballpark.Victory was his for the taking. It just wasn't within his limited ability to grasp it. As much as Trump talks about winning, his life, and his presidency, is littered with failure.

Defeating Covid 19 just required him to listen to people smarter than himself. Something he cannot do.He just had to shut the f#ck up and listen...For Trump to congratulate Jacinda Ardern would be to turn the spotlight stronger on his own complete and utter failure with Covid 19 and make him look even worse to his electorate.If looking worse is even possible


What did Batman do differently that allowed him to defeat Bane at the end of The Dark Knight Rises?

He fought intelligently, with more will to win.He was reborn after bane broke his back. He came to a realization after he escaped the pit.

He realized that strength is always limited to what the user believes he has. If you believe that you can claim victor over someone your chances improve, even if you don't win, the chances are better than if you don't believe at all, right? So if not believing lowers your chances, does that not mean you are weaker. Therefore not believing is a weakness. Therefore fear, is a weakness. Once he removed fear from his mind and installed belief he could work at his full potential.

But of course if you don't want the symbolic meaning, and just want the logic, Batman went for the head.That's were bane's strength is, and once crushed, bane too would experience fear.If you watch the encounter of the first fight and the second, you can see that Batman is more cautious about approaching bane in the first. His strikes are much slower and less aggressive as if he were holding back, but he is not he is simply believing that he is using his full potential because he thinks bane's completely eclipse's his own.Batman versus Bane 1st encounter:Batman versus Bane 2nd encounter:Not to mention he had a comeback the second coming, and he was working without the cover of the night or hiding at all, which for most of trilogy he was using to his advantage. He only made face-to-face confrontations with Ra's Al ghul and the joker, which in both cases he technically lost by being pinned down. He was counting some outside victory that would distract them.However here the opponent was stronger than the both of them combined, and he believed that he could win through shear will and power


What are some of the similarities and differences between Adam Smith's and Karl Marx's economic theories?

Marx believed in the labor theory of value. The value of a good is strictly determined by the amount of labor that produced the good. Smith considered that idea and concluded it was only valid early in history when only small amounts of land had been tamed and capital had been constructed. More generally, Smith hypothesized there is a natural wage, a natural rent, and a natural return to capital in every locality. In the long run, the value of a good is determined by the resources needed to produce it, valued at their natural rate. This is the natural price of the good. In the short run, however, prices are determined by supply and demand. Over time, assuming there is perfect competition, resources will be moved around so the supply and demand price of everything equals its natural price. But many forces can interfere with competition, especially the government. He advised that we ought to remove those barriers to competition. The government should focus on its essential responsibilities and leave the economy to itself as long as there is sufficient competition.Marx, on the other hand, believed capitalists and landlords are superfluous. Markets are all part of an elaborate con job that tricks workers into selling their labor at a discount, allowing capitalists to profit. Eventually, workers will figure that out and rise up against their overlords.Smith and Marx agreed that capitalists act against the interests of workers, but they disagreed about how. Smith considered capitalists to be an integral part of the economy, but they should not be trusted in the writing of laws that impact the economy. Their interests are not the same as everybody else's. He did not expect any revolutions, just more evolution


Which bands influenced Led Zeppelin?

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers was a big deal in the British music scene throughout the 1960s, and the Bluesbreakers personnel kept evolving as artists left to start new bands, such as Fleetwood Mac, Cream, and The Rolling Stones. Many guitarists jammed in the Bluesbreakers before breaking out on their own and becoming starts, such as Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor. There was a ton of collaboration among artists from different bands in that era, and John Mayalls project is just one example of how the prominent British musicians of that era influenced each other. Jimmy Page from Zeppelin and Eric Clapton knew each other well and played guitar together.The influence of American Blues and Jazz artists, particularly African Americans such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, and Robert Johnson, can be heard on the many blues style Led Zeppelin songs. Those American artists were a huge influence on not just Zeppelin but other British rockers of that era including The Rolling Stones, The Animals, and John Lennon. In fact Zeppelin covers quite a few blues songs that came from American artists, such as Robert Johnsons Riverside Blues. Contemporary acoustic guitarists such as James Taylor and Joni Mitchell also influenced Jimmy Page.When you listen to a Zeppelin album like Physical Graffitti, which puts together a fascinating collage of sounds and musical textures, it is clear that Zeppelins musical influences are from a variety of eras and styles, much more vast than the examples I gave here! I tend to focus on guitar since I am a guitar player, but a drummer may have a different answer as to the influences on John Bonhams variety of rhythms and percussion, and there is another answer for the influences on Plants lyrics, so it is an interesting question but really has to be answered on multiple dimensions.


What advantages would Italy gain from removing itself from the Eurozone?

The obvious advantage would be to gain its own currency, which it would be able to slowly devalue, in relation to the Euro, thus compensating for any lack of competitiveness. That would make the Italian industry a lot more competitive, and it would be able to increase exports and decrease imports, thus channeling a trade superavit into paying its debts.However, it should be noted that there would be a lot of losses as well. If Italys current massive debt would stay in Euros (a part of it, at least), that amount of debt would increase in the new denomination, as the new currency would devalue. So, it would see a rise of its debt in nominal terms. Because Italian debt is mostly owed to its own citizens, this would not be as big a problem as it would be for, say, Greece or Portugal.

As the new currency would lose its value, the price of imported goods would rise, and thus a bit of inflation would be expected, eroding a part of the populations buying power. This is an expected effect and it is part of what would contribute to the regain in competitiveness. But, basically, it means that Italians would become slightly poor.

Another disadvantage is that Italy would have a little more trouble exporting into other Eurozone countries, as it would have to deal with the costs and bureaucracy of currency exchange, as well. as the exchange risk. It is not a huge burden, but it introduces a bit of friction.Finally, Italy would lose a say in the conducting of European monetary policies, as it would no longer be a member of the ECB, where it currently holds the top job. The ECB would become a lot more German, and its policies would tilt further toward the interests of Northern European countries

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