Are There Any Real Standards for Home Schooling?

Are there any real standards for home schooling?

Are There Any Real Standards for Home Schooling? 1

each state has its own laws about it

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What's it like being home schooled?

Homeschooling varies from family to family, and even from person to person within a family. It is what you make it!

Are There Any Real Standards for Home Schooling? 2

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What are your thoughts on home schooling?

to me it sucks and it is so lame

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What are the negative effects of home schooling?

I am homeschooled right now so I can tell you both sides of the story! The good side is I do not have to get up as early as everyone else, plus I get to work A LOT fast then they do and will have a lot more time off in the summer!! plus I do not have to see those kids that are total jerks and everything. I can go anywhere i want at anytime of the day which I would not be able to do if I was in school! the bad side is I do not get to see my friends everyday of the week! but we do email each other and get together!! plus I do go to a lot of home sports games where I get to see everyone and I go into the school for violin! I do not think I will lack basic social skills cause I have been to school all my life except for this year because I just started homeschooling (I am in 9th grade) but someone who has never been to school at all might lack social skills! that is why getting involved in sports or other activities is good for someone who is homeschooled or considering it!

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Home schooled and extracritical activtys ?

Well, you are a great example of the quality of most home teaching programs

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what would be a reason for a parent to home school their children?

There are plenty of reasons to homeschool. Most importantly from my perspective is that there are more opportunities to learn and experience life and a rich environment. There is time to do what you want, when you want and make it what you desire. Now, if the children do not want to be homeschooled, well, that would imply to me that there is some dysfunction in the family unit that is making homeschooling unenjoyable. If there is such an issue, then maybe the parents think they can fix it, deny it exists or are oblivious to the problem. I do not have any first hand knowledge of this from my own family or any close friends. Either the problem is not widespread or it's only amongst the homeschoolers that do not hang with the rest of us. :D

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Home schooling a high school age child?

I have one son who just finished high school as a homeschooler and another who is just entering the high school age. With my older son I enrolled him in a distant learning program called Alger Learning Center. Since the college he wanted required a diploma and is not yet accepting homeschoolers, the learning center allowed him that option. My younger son has a different school in mind so we are working out what option is best for him. It sounds like you have a wonderful resource in the community college in your area! I wish we had that here! As far as where to start, I would start with your state's dept of ed website. There you will find all the rules and regs involved. In my state, you would not be required to register him as a homeschooler because he 16 and no longer required to school. If it's the same in your area, then you just have to decide how you both want to finish his education. It sounds like he is tremendously motivated and will do well in anything he does. Good luck!

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Parents: How did you make the decision to home school?

I know that my parents chose to homeschool when they went to check out the local public school kindergarten for my older brother (who was their first). The teacher did not even speak proper English and the playground was covered in broken glass and needles from drug sales. They decided it would be safer and more educational to homeschool and they never quit, I have 7 and 1/2 siblings and they are still going strong.

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