Aircraft on Display

Aircraft on display

Aircraft on Display 1

E-31 Esztergom (HA-3417), Hungarian Technical and Transportation Museum.

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Acquisition and display

The independent Treasure Valuation Committee valued the hoard at 1,082,000. The hoard was purchased jointly by York Museums Trust, and the British Museum with funding from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, The Art Fund and The British Museum Friends. From 17 September 2009 items from the hoard were on display in the Yorkshire Museum, York, for a period of six weeks before the museum closed for refurbishment in November 2009. The hoard was then taken to the British Museum for further conservation work and was returned to the Yorkshire Museum for its reopening following a major refurbishment on 1 August 2010 (Yorkshire Day). In 2012 it formed part of a temporary exhibition at Harrogate's Mercer Gallery before touring to Copenhagen, Berlin and London. The hoard was used in the British Museum's Vikings exhibition from 6 March to 22 June 2014, the first at the British Museum in 30 years. The hoard was redisplayed in the Yorkshire Museum in 2015. From 2017 it formed part of a touring exhibition titled 'Viking: Rediscover the Legend' and is displayed alongside the Bedale Hoard and the Cuerdale hoard, with the tour starting at the Yorkshire Museum and subsequently including Atkinson Art Gallery and Library in Southport, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Norwich Castle Museum, and the University of Nottingham.

Aircraft on Display 2

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Collections on Display

Art Institute of Chicago The Museum of Modern Art National Gallery of Art Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Tablet interactive display board

An interactive display board may be made by attaching an electronic multimedia device such as a tablet to a display board. Methods for attaching tablets to display boards include cutting a window into a display board and fixing a pocket behind the window to insert and hold the tablet, pushing pins into the face of a display board with the tablet resting on the pins, attaching a lanyard to the tablet in order to hang it on the display board, or using dual sided adhesive tape to attach the tablet to the display board. Projex Boards manufactures a display board for tablets, with a pocket, easel and header board. The purpose of tablet display boards is to hold the tablet at eye level on the display board to facilitate better communication between audience and presenter. Some tablet interactive display boards have apertures for electrical cords in the form of openings at the bottom of the display board

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Use in liquid-crystal display

Amorphous silicon TFTs have been widely used in liquid-crystal display (LCD) flat panels because they can be assembled into complex high-current driver circuits. Amorphous Si-TFT electrodes drive the alignment of crystals in LCDs. The evolution to LTPS-TFTs can have many benefits such as higher device resolution, lower synthesis temperature, and reduced price of essential substrates. However, LTPS-TFTs also have several drawbacks. For example, the area of TFTs in traditional a-Si devices is large, resulting in a small aperture ratio (the amount of area which is not blocked by the opaque TFT and thus admits light). The incompatibility of different aperture ratios prevents LTPS-based complex circuits and drivers from being integrated into a-Si material. Additionally, the quality of LTPS decreases over time due to an increase in temperature upon turning on the transistor, which degrades the film by breaking the Si-H bonds in the material. This would cause the device to suffer from drain breakdown and current leakage, most notably in small and thin transistors, which dissipate heat poorly.

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Graphics display resolution - Wikipedia

Quarter VGA (QVGA or qVGA) is a popular term for a computer display with 320 × 240 display resolution. QVGA displays were most often used in mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and some handheld game consoles. Often the displays are in a "portrait" orientation (i.e., taller than they are wide, as opposed to "landscape") and are referred to as 240 × 320.

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Trying to get 2560x1440 resolution

I know the command line is easy but you can just use the settings menu as wellSomeone asked the same question here you can try to use the settings or the given commands at the bottom of the post.---Edit--- I just read that your computer does not recognise the monitor right, you might want to try and change port or maybe some graphics drivers have to be updated, also I would reccomand check if the display needs some kind of driver. I know it sounds weird, but a friend of mine had a problem with his display till he updated his graphics card.

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