ADI Launches a Range of GPS Solutions

ADI launches a range of GPS solutions

For the application of satellite navigation (GPS), the following products are provided to meet the design needs of customers:

1、 Video decoder - adv7180 adv7180 is the first video decoder published by Adi that provides high-quality image output with low price and low power consumption. Adv7180 provides a stepped filter at the front end of the input, and the developer does not need an additional filter. Adv7180 also provides DNR / CTI image enhancement output adjustment. Adllt is more unique in the world and provides developers with strong and powerful support in weak signal processing. The built-in intelligent image processor of adv7180 simplifies the control of adv7180. Only a few registers need to be set to output high-quality images and rewrite the cumbersome and complex setting procedures of image decoder.

2、 For acceleration detection - adxl330adxl345 is ADI's first high gravity acceleration detector with digital output. It can support up to ± 16g, ADC can be 10bit 13bit, and sensitivity can be maintained at 4mg / LSB. In order to facilitate use, adxl345 supports I2C / SPI and interrupt output, which can effectively reduce the load of MCU. 3mm x 5mm miniaturized packaging is very suitable for portable products

3、 For touch screen detection function - ad7147adi introduces a new capacitor digital converter. It is a highly integrated touch controller that allows designers to quickly and easily add responsive user control for portable electronic devices, such as scroll wheel and touch mouse board. The new ad7147 is the latest product of ADI's captouch controller family applied in the field of consumer electronics. It can provide high-precision measurement and responsiveness, and add active shielding characteristics to improve noise performance.

All functions of the ad7147 are integrated on a printed circuit board. This new capacitor digital converter is ideal for ultra-thin mobile electronic devices. The configurable ad7147 capacitor digital converter has 13 capacitor inputs and FF resolution, allowing mobile electronics designers to touch the mouse board, reel wheel, slide cover and up to 36 buttons. In addition, the ad7147 also adds active shielding technology to protect it from the interference of capacitor grounding pickup and other noise sources in the system, so that designers can freely arrange sensors away from the main integrated circuits of the system.

The analog front end of AD7147 has been improved, simultaneous interpreting the sensor response by 3 times compared with the traditional AD714x product. The improved response allows end users to experience more accurate finger navigation and improved component performance, while continuing to provide designers with sensitivity adjustment per message channel for sensor fine-tuning. The ad7147 includes a built-in sensitivity algorithm to compensate for temperature and humidity changes to ensure that users with different finger sizes receive the same response sensor performance. In full power mode, ad7147 usually consumes 1mA current; In low power mode, it consumes only 50 μ A current. This is 20% lower than the competitive products in the market. In addition, the ad7147 has the lowest shutdown current in the industry, only 2 μ A。 Ad7147 is SPI compatible serial interface and ad7147-1 is I2C compatible serial interface.

4、 For angle detection function - adis16250adis16250 introduces adis16250 products for angle detection, 11mmx11mmx5.5mm LGA miniaturized packaging and supporting industrial standard working temperature (- 40 ℃ 85 ℃), which is suitable for GPS to detect the steering angle of vehicles, In places where there is no satellite signal, such as tunnels or shelters that cannot receive satellite signals, adis16250 can be used in conjunction with adxl330 to detect the angle and speed and display the position on the electronic map in time. Adis16250 can select three sensitivities (± 80 ° / sec, ± 160 ° / sec, ± 160 ° / sec) to output data by SIP after digitization through internal 12 bit ADC

5、 For class D function - ssm2304sm2304 is a high-efficiency class D audio amplifier, Only 2.5 5V single power supply can drive the 1.2w8 Ω horn, and the efficiency can reach 80%. The built-in overcurrent / high temperature protection can ensure the stability and safety of the product. What's more, the pop & click problem suppression circuit of audio amplifier is built in the IC, so only a few external capacitors are needed to operate normally and support power-saving mode, very low power consumption and miniaturization package (3x3mm lfcsp) It is very suitable for portable products

6、 The touch screen controller ad7879ad7879 has a built-in 12 bit ADC, which can support a 4-wire touch screen and can operate at 2.7 3.6V voltage. It also has an accurate 2V reference voltage and temperature detector, which can help R & D personnel save external parts. Ad7879 provides interrupt output, which can effectively reduce the load of MCU. Ad7879 also provides battery detection, with a detection range of 0.5V 5V

7、 GPS block diagram

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