7 Tips to Consider When Receiving Hospitality Furniture

Refurbishing your interior or receiving furniture for your brand-new restaurant, caf, hotel or even hospital, is always an exciting moment. Months of selecting the right chairs and tables have passed, and the delivery is sort of the moment you realise that your business is about to open for public.The excitement of assisting with your interior design selection materialises the moment that your hospitality furniture can be delivered.

No doubt your newly indoor and outdoor furniture should be received in the best possible way. From our years of experience within the commercial furniture industry, we have listed 7 tips that will turn any delivery into hiccup-free logistic experience.1.

Directions to drop off zone is usually given to our dispatcher but often forgotten is signage at the destination. A few markers on the ground and walls at the drop off zone and inside your building can assist with a well-planned placement of the items.2.

Access for the truck or van is a must. Too often trucks are emptied half on the street, with a higher risk of damaging your new bistro chairs, due to non-removed bollards, parked cars or blocked entries.3.

Ramps are not a must have, but they make bringing up stools, caf and restaurant furniture onto footpaths or into buildings a lot easier. If available, have them ready, it will shorten the delivery time.4.

Helping hands hospitality furniture does usually not consist of two chairs and a table, rather a mixture of heavy and bulk items. While the dispatcher carries the responsibility over delivering the goods in the best possible way, a few helping hands to lift items or to guide through the building is very much appreciated. 5.

Room we understand that opening a new restaurant, bar, caf or hotel is based on a very precise planning. What needs to come in first so it doesnt obstruct future steps? Hospitality furniture is the mystery duck in the row.

By when does it need to be delivered so my official opening is not jeopardised? That is without even considering the lead time to receive in-house made furniture or overseas imported items. No matter the time, having a room or enough space ready to store your brand-new furniture without the risks of ie.

having it stained by paint, is a must. When you foresee a delay in the plastering, painting or else putting your furniture at risk of being damaged call your furniture consultant as soon as the delay is identified. When the dispatcher keeps items wrapped or in boxes at your location, he has taken wet paint and dusty areas into account and tries to avoid future damage.

6. Contact list: Often as an owner, architect or designer, you have multiple projects and tasks on the go and consequently you might not be available at all times. Having someone else we can contact, aware of directions and where to put the furniture, creates a worry-less delivery experience.

7. Measurements of doors and passages can be given to your furniture consultant, long before the actual date of delivery. The dispatcher can incorporate certain difficulties or areas where he will require some assistance into the delivery time.

He can suggest alternative routes or simply prepare better the access points and doorways

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