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Foshan San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd includes a group of marketing that isn't only concentrated on overseas nations. We've promoted products in distinct ways, e.g. on interpersonal networking, at exhibitions or conferences. We hope to associate with you who've established your distribution strategies, in order to jointly enlarge the global enterprise.

San Dun currently has turned into a favorite exporter in the home and overseas. 's main products include wedding chair covers series. San Dun wood upholstered dining chairs has gone through a series of complete production processes which include sketch selection, 3D design, casting, waxing, polishing, finishing, and quality assurance. With powder coated frame, the product is chemical resistance. The product is antibacterial. It has a smooth surface, which lowers the available sites that bacteria are able to adhere to, thus reduces the amount of bacteria growth. Featuring stain resistance, it has a long-lasting surface.

San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd strictly adheres to its promise and abides by its reputation. Inquire now!
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